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Our lives are made up of moments of sorrow and joy. Some moments are so dear to us that we want to keep them in one place. Scrapbooking is the perfect tool for you.  You will know more about

What is scrapbooking?

The word scrapbooking is mostly defined as a form of hobby. Find out more at It is a kind of photo album, but with a remarkable difference in its organization. Scrapbooking consists of arranging the photos in a decorative frame related to the chosen theme.

In other words, scrapbooking is a personalization of your photo album according to your taste using accessories and materials dedicated to. There are many scrapbooking techniques such as serendipity, tagging, iris folding, spirella, and many others. People who practice scrapbooking are called scrappers or creacolleurs or collimagistes.

In general, each scrapbooking page is composed of a title, a journaling, the date of the event and the names of all the people in the photos. The 30*30 format used most of the time is not de rigueur. It gives free rein to the productive imagination and the material that everyone has.

The material used in the realization of scrapbooking

To succeed in scrapbooking, you need to have the basic tools that are essential. These tools are of course: a pencil or mechanical pencil, more precise to place markers and draw shapes; a ruler or better a grid rule more practical; an eraser or better a pen eraser; a quality cutter; a precision scissors; a chisel tweezers; figurines; felt pens; templates for decorating; inks; a roll of permanent glue; double-sided adhesive; a glue pen; a roll of repositionable adhesive paper. You are now seasoned, all that remains is to get to work.